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White Paper: The Benefits of Sealed Seam Mattresses in Challenging Environments

Picking the right furniture product can be a challenge for facility managers, architects, interior designers, purchasing agents and other professionals involved with intensive-use spaces such as healthcare facilities, correctional environments and shelters – places where a steady stream of clients provide extreme wear and tear on furnishings. After all, furniture for residential settings differs greatly

White Paper: How to Choose Proper Juvenile Justice Furniture

Advocates for prison humanization and normalization say that lower rates of recidivism and less inmate violence likely can be two of the positive outcomes when this shift is put into action. They point to the fact that high incarceration rates are proving too costly for American society. Correctional facility operating budgets are in some cases

Behavioral Healthcare Seating White Paper: Using Chairs and Seating to Create Safe and Humanized BHC Environments

A recent trend in behavioral healthcare facility construction is pushing interior designers, architects, healthcare officials and others involved in the look and feel of the facility to humanize or— in more laymen’s terms—create a residential feel inside their walls. Evidence-based research says that the normalization of these facilities can lead to better patient outcomes, reduction

White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Correctional Facilities

For the past decade, there has been an earnest, research-based approach to better understand the connection between our environments, their planning and design, and the human within. With this, we also better define the true end-user and communities our buildings serve. Leading evidence-based research studies, compelling peer reports, post occupancy statistics, and unequivocal staff and

White Paper: The Role of Color in Humanizing Behavioral Healthcare Facilities

These are groundbreaking times in the design of behavioral healthcare facilities. Many strides are taking place within these spaces to positively impact the human within. During the past 20 years research on healthcare environments has greatly increased. Healthcare spaces have become visually more interesting, layered and complex. Their goal is to stimulate, but not overly so, and encourage

Free White Paper: Humanizing Correctional Facilities

Norix Furniture’s Humanizing Correctional Facilities White Paper is an in-depth resource regarding the relatively new concept of humanizing or normalizing correctional facilities. This approach aims to make these environments more residential in nature, opposed to the historically stark prison spaces we have come to know. In doing so, research shows that correctional facilities may decrease