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VIDEO: Norix Kids Furniture … Fun, Durable AND East to Clean

Does your furniture often fall prey to snotty noses, shoe-scuffs, dirty hands, sticky fingers, spilled milk, constant hitting, aggressive kicking, and even those kids who will try to use your products as an artist canvas or their own personal trampoline? We understand, and we’ve got you covered. Introducing Norix Kids Furniture! Watch our video to

Norix Furniture Series of Highly Durable Sealed Seam Mattresses

Norix Furniture, a provider of durable furniture products for more than 30 years, now provides a solution for facilities that are in need of mattresses that stand up to the wear and tear of continuous use that often causes the breakdown of furniture products. The company’s new Comfort Shield Sealed Seam Mattresses feature radio frequency

Installation Case Study: Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services is a full-service behavioral healthcare facility located in Grand Rapids, Mich., that offers addiction treatment services, community outreach programs, forensic psychiatric and psychological services, and other mental health assistance. The mission of the facility is to “express the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing behavioral health services with