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Safe Environments

Win This Really Cool Rocker at Healthcare Design Expo & Conference

Norix Furniture, a provider of products for general and behavioral healthcare facilities for more than 30 years, will showcase and give away one of its new and award-winning chairs at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference which takes place Nov. 12-15 in Houston, TX

rocksmart510RockSmart, the company’s bold and innovative rocking chair, recently was named the gold medal winner of the Healthcare Design Product Innovation Awards, a competition that included a broad range of entries from a variety of categories such as technology/communications, appliances, medical supplies, lighting and furniture.

All you have to do to win one of these chairs is visit Booth 1631, take a photo of the RockSmart in our booth and upload it to Twitter or Instagram along with #RockSmart. The social media user with the most engagement – likes, retweets, comments, etc. – wins the chair.

“RockSmart definitely has curb appeal. It’s been a head-turner everywhere we have shown it,” Brad Karl, Norix Furniture’s Director of Innovation, said. “But the chair was created using evidence-based research and addresses very distinct needs in healthcare facilities.”

This contemporary rocking chair was designed from the ground up for soothing comfort, exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal. The chair’s signature one-piece shape is sculpted from rotationally molded polyethylene for a calming, safe and comfortable rock. Its generous arc provides a relaxing and safe rocking action while securely affixed nylon runners protect floors. It’s also equipped with a rear bumper that indicates the limits of safe rocking.

Specifically, RockSmart was designed to provide a solution for the unique healthcare segments that are behavioral healthcare facilities. Patients in these environments can sometimes become unstable and act out in unpredictable and even harmful ways. RockSmart began with the insight that BHC environments do not always have the resources to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of all patients at once.

Norix envisioned a self-soothing solution mindfully designed for these exceptional conditions. The meditative quality of gentle rocking is innate to the human experience. So is the need for safety. That is why RockSmart is designed with soft design lines that avoid hard edges and no vulnerable moving parts. It’s also specifically built for extreme durability to protect patients and staff from the hazards created by product breakdown.

“We believe that all people deserve the right to be safe and live in humanized spaces,” Karl said. “With RockSmart, we have delivered an aesthetically pleasing, highly durable product that gives BHC facilities peace of mind.”

For information about the conference, visit its website. For information on Norix Furniture’s behavioral healthcare furniture, visit our website.

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