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Guest Blog Post: New Norix Website Provides Better User Experience, More Content


Brent Mayer

The following blog post was written by Brent Mayer, Creative Director at Norix Furniture.

Let’s not call this a refresh. Let’s call it an overhaul.

In order to keep up with the emerging needs and digital behavior of our customers, Norix Furniture recently redesigned its entire website to make it more intuitive and quite honestly….a little more fun. And aside from just giving the site a clean, updated look and feel, we made some significant improvements that will give you a better user experience. Here are four of those improvements:

Better Navigation

Are you a shelter looking for beds that fight bed bugs? Or a commercial facility searching for durable lounge furniture for your lobby area? Our new top navigation points to five sections of our website – Healthcare, Justice, GSA, Transitional Housing and Commerical – so you can get where you need to be in the shortest amount of time. Not sure where you fit? Underneath the main navigation tabs we clearly tell you what type of facilities are applicable to each. Need a visual. Check out the new nav below.


We also have a new secondary navigation that includes links to Products, About Us, Gallery, Design Tools and Contact pages. Dropdowns will appear once you hover over these tabs, giving you a thorough list of pages to choose from. Lastly, the bottom of the homepage contains a “link farm” that allows you to browse and click on the most important links on the site, along with our social media and contact information.

More Content

In marketing, they say “content is king.” And on our new website we do a better job of telling the story behind Norix and the products we supply. For example, many of our product pages feature our extreme durability videos where we put our products through a variety of testing to prove that we do indeed produce durable furniture.  Check out our Attenda Series page and you will see our Attenda bed go up against a 100 mph fast ball.

Many of these pages also include slideshows of photos that showcase facilities where our furniture is featured. Want to know if our Forté™ line is applicable in health care facilities? McKay-Dee Hospital in Utah uses them. Want to see our Max-Master tables in an actual correctional environment? The Remand Center in Edmonton, Canada slideshow is front and center on a Max-Master page.

Scrollable Pages

So if you have a smart phone and regularly use Facebook, you probably know the concept of the scroll – that action of using your thumb to dive deep into your newsfeed until you see something you want or need to click on. Taking note of this user behavior, our product pages (example here) now have all of the information you need on one page. That means you can get all of this information by scrolling instead of constantly clicking on new pages with the hope that you will land at the place you need to be. More scrolling, less clicking. That’s a good thing. But please feel free to click the Request for Quote button when you are done looking. That’s an additional click we think is worth your time!

Features and Benefits Buttons


Hey, I work in Marketing. And I will be the first to tell you that it can be a difficult task sometimes to describe all of the attributes of a complex product using only text and images. Unless you get creative, that is. Take a look at the “Behind the Design” section on our product pages and you will see our chairs, tables and other products strategically covered with little buttons. Click on any of those and a “popover” will appear with information regarding that particular area of the product. Want to learn more about the edges on our Madera tables? Click on the button on the edge (example, left) and learn that “Permanently embedded T-nuts secure top to base with tight steel to steel connection for maximum long term reliability.”


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